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Need Help Printer / Cutter


New Member
Sorry if im posting tbis in the wrong place, basically i make labels for glass jars and other random stuff. Do it daily but only very small scale, im just using self adhesive gloss paper with a canon pixma ix6580 and a small shilouette cameo 3 to cut them with. My labels are far from high quality.. basically i want to start printing on vinyl, is it possible to get a seperate printer and cutter for around £2000 that could print decent quality cheap vinyl labels? I litterally know very little about large format printers (apart from looking online at prices). The most common printer that pop up is the canon imageprograf. Are these good for vinyl labels? Thanks in advance for you help and advise.


New Member
I would recommend a Primera label printer for what you want to do - labels for Jars. Past this, its a very large jump to true vinyl printers.