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Printer head travelling too far. Help


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Ok, I'm brain dead, but for now I don't know why my printer head is travelling the width of the media (54") when it's only printing about 30" wide. This started yesterday when I had to "tile" some large prints.

Can anyone help me out?


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I realize this is going to sound stupid, but did you check the pinch rollers to see
if they were actually 54" apart as opposed to 30" ?

Just checking ! ! !


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My pinch rollers are 54" apart. But that's normal for me. It seems that that shouldn't affect the travel, should it?


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This is bazaar. Jeff and I are both standing here looking at this thing work and we both swear if you've got some thing only 12" wide for example, the printer moves out only 12" and back, thus speeding printing up.

I'm sure it does. But why's it not doing it now? Can't find anything on head travel in the manual. May have to call Roland. Or...am I going nuts?


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There is a setting in the SP540-V firmware where you can turn this off. It is an option to have the print head travel the entire length of the media or have it travel the desired print distance. Sorry I can't remember exactly where that is at the moment/
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Mike Paul

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The setting is "Full Width Scan" It's adjustable and can affect the print quality if you change it. You could over saturate your prints and get color shifting.
Profiles are created for different size printers because the head pass/dry time are different and must be maintained for accuracy.

If you do disable it, remember to change it back.:thumb:


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threeputt -
Not sure about the 540V w/ V-Works but my SP-300 with ColoRIP has always worked as you described; head travels ONLY as far as the area being printed. Even in a document that has elements of varying widths, it will adjust accordingly. My "Full Width Scan" menu selection on the SP-300 is set to "Disable" and has been so since I received the machine over 2 years ago; I have never touched it. As I am not familiar with V/Works, it could have something to do with the setting you had for the tile job not getting cleared; I had something similar after I did a 5-panel job and didn't reset it when I went to set up the following job without shutting down the RIP. Hope this gets you going in the right direction. Maybe ask over at Printingdigital.net as well :)