Printer question


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Hey guys.
I currently am printing on roland sp300 but i am looking to upgrade to another printer/plotter that is capable of printing the highest possible quality for photo quality media. something that is capable of matching and producing many many vibrant colors and such.

i know ecosol 4 color is rather hard to match colors compared to water based or even 6 or 8 color. Im looking for the total package in this printer, quality and colors. i will mostly be printing wide format photos and projects for visual retail marketing

could everyone suggest me a machine along with why you chose this machine



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Are you primarily doing work that is indoors or outdoors? Do you have a laminator?

ide say primarily indoors and i will get a laminator yes. if ourdoors it will atleast be behind glass where water and wind will not directly hit the media


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Canon and HP have Epson covered in the color department these days.

Looks at the Z series from HP and the 12 color systems from Canon.

I really like the user replaceable print heads in the canons.