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Printer Recommendations


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As a small vinyl shop, I have started thinking about getting into large format digital printing and all the dealers are confusing me with their hype. Ink jet-thermal???
Any recommendations for a affordable printer of about 36" or so. Outdoor duribility is a consideration, as well as cost-per-sq-foot.
Please offer some advice.


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I've had the same print and cut roland eco solvent for ten years and I still use it often even though we have a UV printer now. I see them used and refurbished at low cost. If you have someone who can service it I wouldn't shy away from used but if its been idle be ready to replace the heads. If you keep it clean and run it at least a few times a week they rarely have problems. I haven't had to have a repair in years. I use Tyrrell tech as a vendor.


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Hello Ferret, I think it's all up to your needs on this one, depending on the type of sign you do. If you are considering large format you should probably be considering 60+" since most of the media is available @ that size. Now if you are thinking of a 30" it's probably for decals and small banner signs. My top 3 - Roland print cut, HP latex, Mutoh.

Henry Z

Fares Bayazeed

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If you are cutting vinyl now why not get a printer that can print and cut? Roland Versa Cam SP540V. The blades make short work of any kind of cut and will print a banner lickity split. Had ours for years. Low Maintenance. Wide prints too.

Either way, you need to be able to go wider than 36", 60" minimum to be able to compete. Your biggest use for this printer will be outdoor banners. Scrim Banner for Solvent is inexpensive (because it requires no coating) and very profitable.

Consider the HP 360 Latex (64") if it is in the budget. Since the 365 came out so quickly there are some excellent deals to be made on them. We are doing some outstanding work on indoor and outdoor fabrics. Apples to Oranges as they say...


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You guys did notice this thread is from 2003 right? He probably has bought a printer in the last 13 years.