Printer stops laying ink while still printing ??


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Hi Guys,

I have been working with Flexi for the past 10 years and working with mimaki printers for the past 7 years, I usually print files collapsed to a standard JPG unless I got my file consisting of just vector art...

The problem occured today I printed a large face in 2 sections...,
I did not use paneling , I just splited the image in photoshop si I would have top portion and bottom portion printing separately...

I printed the top panel which is about 170" long fine,
now I am printing the bottom panel and the printer stops laying ink after quarter lenght of the panel, it still continues to move the head as it was printing but no ink is being layed.......

Seems odd ... could that be the file ??? the pumps ?? what else ???

Anyone ??

any help would be appreciated..



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lol I think I just solved it,
it seems that the clear lexan registration strip must've been dirty,
I just gave it a good alcohol wipe and see the results....