PrintHead Bad? Pricing if so? FalconII

Had a tech come in, said ink was feeding, but clogged above printhead, puts new ones on today and said maybe needs 2 new pumps plus maybe needs 2 printhead as well, last week said the printheads looked new.
Doesn't seem like trying to oversell parts, but head price of $1200 each and pump price of $450 ea plus labor and I don't know if it works??
Help, and thanks


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Those prices seem high. You can buy printheads on ebay for $585. and pumps are $89.00 and they take about 30 minutes to install. The heads are alittle more involve but not really all that hard to change.

I think you had a little problem getting some manuals from me a couple weeks ago. I'll PM You my #. Call me tomorrow, I just replaced a head and Damper on mine this week.

If you can do it your self save the money, but if you don't feel comfortable with it that what's the tech's are for.