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Printing a proof in corel


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Hi Everyone, when working in corel 11 on a sign layout that is larger than your printers paper, like say a 2' X 3" sign, is their any way to print out a proof of the layout for a customers approval. I have done the print preview then fit to page, but it doesnt look right. I their any way that it will print the border of the size sign you are working on and scale it down any further on the page, so that it is a small picture on the page with an outline of the sign shape. Thanks :Canada 2:


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You make the workspace the size of the sign, then dbl-click the rectangle tool to create a rectangle the same size as the workspace. Then when you go to print, it will print with the rectangle and all is good. I do this all the time whether printed or saved as JPEG image and emailed.


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My answer on another site:

Corel has the ability to design in scale and has tools to call out the measurements for that specific scale to fit the page size of your printer.

Once the sign is approved, size it up and start making the sign.

If the sign is full size, scale down 8.333% That will give you 1"=1'-0", then scale it 300% and that will give you 3"=1'-0". This should fit horizontally on an 8 1/2 x 11". If you have a ttle block add it, another thing, if you have various signs of different scale for presentaion, the designing in scale method is better than "fit to page" because your title block and placements will be consistant, and makes for a more professional presentation.

Another benifit is when you are apply vinyl to the substrate, you have an exact scale reference to measure off of, rather than just eye-balling it.


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In Corel after you have set dimensions for new document (sign) layout, go to 'layout' and then 'page setup'. From there go to 'Document' dropdown, 'Page' dropdown and then to 'Size'. The dialog box then show normal paper sizes etc. under that there is a button 'Add Page Frame' this then adds a border the size of the document you just created. It is by default likely a hairline, so you may want to change thickness, but then print page to fit page size you are printing to and you're good. I do this all the time for customers, I'll print 'fit to page' and customers see exactly what it will look like. Hope that helps.


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I do two things...

1. Set up a "proof" page that has your company name, copyright, etc on it. You can also add any additional information for each particular job. Copy and paste the image then scale down to fill the page.

2. I deal with a lot of stuff online, so I always publish the above page as a PDF and email it to them. PDF is a universial document now that pretty much anyone can view and the file size is much less then a .jpg when emailing.


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If you use Terry's method (which I do) remember that any outlines will have to either be converted to objects or you will have to check the "scale with image" box on the outline tab within the object properties flyout. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bunch of fat outlines.


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Question for jimdes (or anyone else) is there anyway to set the "scale with image" box as being checked by default. I don't know any situation when I don't want the outline scaled with the image and sometimes it is a hassle when reducing a bunch of different sized outlines that I forgot to check as scaled.


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You can search Corel's Help file for the answer but here is what is says for version 11:
1 Do one of the following:

· (Windows) Click Tools Options.
· (Mac OS) Click CorelDRAW 11 Preferences.

2 In the list of categories, click Document.
3 Enable the Save options as defaults for new documents check box.
4 Enable the check boxes that correspond to the options you want to save.

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