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Printing Blank


Hi! Tech Guys

I have not solve my problem on my Re-640, here are the symptoms of the machine,

Changed Dampers and a bit of ink landed on the Print Carriage Board but all fuses have connectivity and all boards light up except Servor Board therefore I disconnect the flex cables from the Print Carriage Board to the printhead to test and Servor Board light.


I changed Print Carriage Board and Linear Encoder Sensor and did Linear Encoder and Linear Encoder check and passed

Final Test:

Its printing Blank so it tells me its electrical problem, I took print head out to check if there is ink on it but it clean and nice then I reset all flex cables from print head to Print Carriage Board still printing blank. Could it be the 3 Ribbon Cables (main board to carriage board p/n# 1000004962) but I check end to end connectivity (every pin) and its good but I could miss some

Do I go ahead and order the 3 Ribbon Cables (main board to carriage board) or missing some steps, appreciate your help as always


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