Printing on Chrome....Curling??


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So we are using a Roland XC540 to print one-color (black) on chrome vinyl. We are using R-Tape Vinyl Efx chrome to print on and the ink is just fine, but for some reason, if the ink runs to the edge of the sticker, the sticker curls....Any tips I should know about?

The other thing I was going to ask is if anyone has another recommendation on a chrome vinyl with just a LITTLE more stickier adhesive than the r-tape??

Thanks in advance...

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Set your drying time to something like 30-60 minutes before cutting into the ink.

Hi everyone, I'm splizzat's printer. I tried letting it sit for a couple of days before cutting, it still curled like crazy anywhere there was ink.

You can also put a laminate on it before cutting. It feels like it often needs anyway on chrome.

Not the effect we're looking for, but I've found it to be unreliable even laminated. (oracal 210...)

How do you go scanning the reg marks on chrome? I've never tried it before.

Good question. Didn't work the first time. The trick is to use low level non-direct light. couldn't find the marks at all until I turned the lights way down and bounced them off the ceiling. Worked like a charm.

Thanks for the responses everyone, but we still don't have a solution here! Anyone from R-tape on here?


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Very true -- no solution still. In fact, even as it sits in a room that's neither hot - nor cold, the sticker is curling just sitting on the paper.... take a look at the picture below so you can see what we are dealing with.

The design was blurred out purposely in photoshop but you can see the edges::

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Is it possible to leave an unprinted edge all the way around -- 1/8" to 1/4"? This may have been addressed but curling is common at the edges if you bleed the ink all all the way out.
Can you get away with printing onto clear digital film and sticking that onto the chrome... I have recommended this to several of my customers and they have done there jobs this way.


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The ONLY thing that's keeping us from trying the clear stuck to gold/chrome is that we are re-creating / mocking another brand name sticker and we are trying to get them as authentic looking as possible. It appears as though theirs are printed black straight to the gold/chrome...unless the clear was literally PAPER thin and you couldn't tell it was stuck to the chrome, I don't know if this would be a possible solution :(

I know I know...I sound picky!!! sorry guys! Keep the feedback coming though, it's totally appreciated!
The only other process would be gerber edge print but that would depend on the graphic , if lettering only the edge would work very well but if there are pictures not as crisp as digital as the edge will do at best 600DPI
The other thing would be price, edge prints would be more expansive to produce but would last longer than digital and be more robust.


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I had the same problem with the VinylEFX. Interesting effects produced with the chrome vinyl when you print on top of it, but the material has obviously got some issues with the solvent inks. Good thing I only picked up a small sample roll to test with. I won't be offering it as a media unless they can sort it out.
you might want to print some of the sheet chrome vinyls that are available for screenprinting as they are manufactured to minimize curling for automated presses. ritrama duramark makes a couple not sure if NW sign supply will still carry them but they used to.

I know RTAPE makes a big deal about leaving an unprinted edge. But failing that you could always try using a sealit pen and going around the outside edges of the vinyl (it's basically a specialty glue that'll glue the edge to the substrate).

Some people might consider this a little hackish, but if you have no room for an unprinted edge, then it might to do the trick.


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Thermal printing is the only way i could successfully get what I needed. I jobbed it out on a PC-60 in another shop