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Printing on Mesh Material

Renato Pinto

Graphics Manager
Hey guys,

We run an HP 560, we just bought a roll of key mesh material. There's no profile for it on HP so i just used a generic one.

However, when printing, it is having horizontal streaks on the print. It doesn't look like the printhead is hitting the substrate but that is happening in the curing area.

Any idea of whats going on? How to fix it? I'm assuming decreasing temperature and increasing the vaccuum but i was hoping somebody knew before i ruined more material.

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Renato Pinto

Graphics Manager
Here's some images.


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  • 20181004_093648.jpg
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That doesn't really look like it's rubbing, but it could be hitting the heater. Next time you print, look up and into the heater platen. If it is rubbing to top, then lower the temperature in like 4 degree increments or use the take up reel.

If it's not rubbing, then that sucks. Maybe someone else will know.


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Looks like possibly the backing is getting wrinkled off causing bubbles in the material because the backing is getting suction but not the top mesh material. being that its a new machine it might not be dirty enough to cause darkening where the material would be rubbing against the head. Try to peel back the liner a couple inches and taping the actual finished mesh to the empty takeup core (not the backer)


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no that is definitely bumping up and hitting the heaterr on the inside, I've seen that many a time. throw that boy on the take-up and you should be all good.