Printing on Press Sense Durapro CC


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We are new to this business. Our Mimaki JV33-160 was installed this past Monday. We are trying to print on Press Sense's Durapro CC. This is a 10mil polypropylene vinyl. This is the same material as Transilwrap's MXM. Has anyone printed on a polypro before with success. The ink just seems to be sitting on the material. The file is a good file as we have no problem printing on scrim material. We have messed with the heat settings and such. As I mentioned we are new and inexperienced.

James Burke

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Polypro is very slippery, and it sounds like a surface tension problem.

This method is purely makeshift, but it will help answer the question.

Mark off a 12" x 12" square and very carefully warm the area with a propane torch. Quickly brush the flame across the material, but don't let it warp.

Do a test print in the 12 inch square to see if that made any difference.

Here are several links that may prove helpful: