Need Help Printing Reflective Aluminum Signs


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I need Reflective Aluminum Signs with various designs that have many colors in them. As I talked with some sign-making companies, they told me that the reflective vinyl has some standard colors. Is there a way to print other colored reflective vinyl?
Thank you in advance.

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Definitely. We print on 3M reflective all the time, laminate w/ 3M 8518 and mount to aluminum/ACM.

Depending on whether you're printing solvent/uv the inks will affect the reflectivity differently.


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We print on reflective all the time as well with great results...mostly latex but some UV.


We have a HP570, and rather than waster an extra 1.5-2' per print, I'll run a print on clear, then apply to the reflective after it's been mounted to a panel. Depending on how much is in the job, I'll either use 3m 8518 or arlon 4500G clear.


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Well, of course. 3M 3290. I dont have much luck with Nipon Carbide with my solvent printer. Latex does fine.