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Suggestions Printing sports balls - golf balls, bocce, etc


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I am looking for a recommendation of someone that can print white type on various round ball shapes. These are for various sports, but they take a lot of abuse so there are really two challenges:
1. I need to print around the ball - like a center stripe but with lettering, etc
2. The ink needs to be super durable so it won't chip or flake off during play - can wear out after the product is worn out as well.
This could be higher volume if it works out.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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I believe that process is called pad printing. Large blocks of highly conformable silicone are used to to burn the imprint of the image onto and then the item to be printed is aligned and pressed into the block.

James Burke

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Yep...pad printing. Rotary pad printing is the ultimate way to go for your project. Do a google search for the subject and see if anybody near you comes up.

See it here:

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