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Printing white on Epson S80600

We just got this printer and figured the white out however we have a job coming up where they want different opacities of white. The only way we have figured out how to do it is through the printer setting printing one white opacity at a time running it back through the printer and printing over it with each different white they want. Does anyone know of a way we can get all the different opacities at once? Since it sees white as a spot color can we set the file up with different percentages of white and have it print all at once?
We are using Illustrator, Onyx Gamaprint Pro 18, and Epson s80600 printer.
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I've never tried it with the white, but on our Epson S70670, which has both white and silver, we just set the percentage of silver we want in Corel Draw's object fill, and when we send it to print, it does it just like any other color. Don't see why that wouldn't work with the white too.
We tried it and it does work! So thanks!! We were just thrown off by the fact you can set your Spot 1 to say purple and it will read it white wasn't sure if changing the opacity of the purple would be read or just the fact that it is the Spot 1 and just telling the printer this is white. Anyhow it worked!
But we primarily use CorelDraw and haven't been able to get it to work within Corel we are having to set-up the files in Illustrator and so far that's the only way we've gotten it to work. Everything else we do is in Corel.


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If you can't get it to work in Corel it's because you haven't set up your custom palette with the spot color correctly. We use Corel, and all we had to do was follow the instructions from the RIP manufacturer on how to create and name the custom spot color for each of the Epson's spot inks and the CutContour.


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Yes, it accepts transparencies/gradients etc using the spot color. Be sure to use the correct process (printer profile/settings in the rip) when printing to achieve the correct opacity. You can print white at the same time as the CMYK or before or after the CMYK depending on your design/end product. Setting everything to Overprint is also important.