prints are wrong size

S. Sexton

New Member
Im printing a pannel and it is 1.5" shorter than what I set it up as?
Im using flexi 8.5 and printing with a mutoh toucan 64.
I was printing the same file last week never had a problem all pannels the same size. I found out I was short one pannel today so I sent it to print. First print was long and second print was shorter.
I tried ripping the file again and still to short.
Hope all my rambling makes sence.

thanks Steve

S. Sexton

New Member
I got it worked out.
Im running a special media for cold air inflatables im making for a client. I had to reset the step adjustment for this media due to banding. I reset it of friday for another job.
I thought the step adjustment change the print head but it adjust how much media is feed through the roller.
printing is all new to me but so where inflatables when I started that 13 years ago.
Now what where those settings

Thank you for the help