Prism Jet V Speed? I Don't Believe The Claims.


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So....I write a post here that I'd like to see some samples from this machine. Believe it or not....the next day, via overnight letter samples show up from Signwarehouse. Whew....those boys are trolling these boards!

Anyhow...I must say the output looks great for a cmyk only printer. I was quite impressed. However, they're claiming this printer can perform these miraculous feats of quality at 140 sfph at 720x720?

That would make this printer almost "twice as fast" as my Roland XC-540 also printing at 720x720? Seeing that the 540 is considered a fast printer, I'm having a difficult time believing this $14,000 machine can print a higher quality image at twice the speed?

Well....the samples look I want to see one actually run at 140 sfph at 720x720. Don't think that's happening.

Not bashing the printer...print quality is there...most samples were just about pure photographic with zero banding although the sample that included people "fleshtones" wasn't that impressive. Guess it needs that light cyan and magenta which it doesn't have.

Just don't believe the speed claims as the samples sent were 8.5 x 11 at full coverage along with the statement "The Prism Jet can image "186" of these sheets per hour at 720x720."

I don't believe it. Or is this speed claim fact? Enlighten me!

Matt Cuellar

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Believe me it's there...Ohh ya, it's there.
We run our VJ EXCLUSIVELY at 140 sq/ft per hour (unless printing on backlit) and it's photographic quality, no banding, hands down kicks Roland, HP, or Mimaki's rear.

We've timed it and Mutoh is true to their claim. Pretty phenomenal. The quality is in the variable dot pattern. Very precise and small droplets which ensure better quality. It's there, believe me! =0)



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Now if they only would have made it a 54" machine...

Yep....that's a problem. A 54" machine would have been selling like crazy. These printers "look" a bit cheezy though...kind of like a giant plastic desktop inkjet in appearance. They should give these a more modern, professional looking design. Just a thought.

Mmmmmm....140 sfph at 720x720. If true that's quite fast. I must investigate further.

Do these things actually hold up well over time? Since as I said previously...they "appear" a bit bush many corners were cut to save manufacturing costs.

P Wagner

The 147 sfph print mode is called Banner4. This mode is designed for printing on scrim banner media. Scrim banners often have scrim patterns in them, and tend to hide various print artifacts, such as banding.

While the Wave interleave pattern does indeed do a good job with hiding banding, the higher quality print modes are recommended for flat media like photo=base paper and adhesive-back vinyl (particularly gloss vinyl). Here is a link to the Mutoh America web site that discusses the various print modes and their respective throughputs:

We normally use the Graphics2 with Wave1 for printing on flat, glossy media. That is a 76 sfph 8-pass print mode.



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Then, Signwarehouse is misrepresenting the speed/quality. Since the samples sent were on glossy media along with the claim of printing that particular file on that media at that speed....(140 sfph)

70 or so sfph sounds more realistic.

Probably a good printer for me to look at as a second machine.


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hey chris the machines are available in 48-64-and 102 widths
and you can print 54 on the 64 machine but dont forget you will need a plotter to go with it also if you dont already have a large plotter to do the cuttin'//chopper


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if you got a picture of a barn/county house, you can clearly see the wave pattern in the blue sky. I think it was a valuejet (could be a spitfire, BUT I got my samples way before the spitfire came out.)

but I will agree with you that the samples are not printed at the Banner 4 setting for 140SQF/H


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The speed on the PrismJET V is quite high, and, as Matt has said, it's a much faster printer than the Roland, Mimaki, and other brands because of the Intelligent Intersweave technology Mutoh innovated. The intelligent interweave allows you to lay down ink more quickly. We have tested a PrismJET V against a VerscaCamm and demonstrated that the PrismJET is up to 4 times faster at 720 x 720 dpi!

More to come...


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Please compare a ValueJet vs. a Roland XC540

I heard the XC was the fastest model in its class? (under 40K eco-sol printer). Can the ValueJet compare, is it better? Any ideas?

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I can assure you that the VJ will out print in speed and quality over any Roland Machine in its respective class. Think about this all of you who think the XC is in the same class as the VJ. Answer one question and then think about your answer. How many ink carts does the XC have? Last I counted 12. The VJ 48 & 64 only have 4 & the 100" only has 6. That in itself takes it out of that class. If your going to compare printers please be sure to be accurate in your wording & knowledge. But to be very honest, the numbers Roland put up are in a 360 print mode with a low pass count. The VJ will print a true 140 sq ft an hour in a 4 pass mode and the quality is good enough for most general signage. Lets just be exact here, I can tell you for a fact that the Roland VersaCamm vs. the Mutoh VJ loses all the way around. I have actually seen in person and watched the VJ print a 4x12' banner full bleed coverage in 20 minutes in the Banner 4 mode, which is 720x720 4 pass. Same file same equal profile with pass count the same on the Versacamm with Rolands supposely awesome RIP Versaworks, it took the machine 50 minutes. Even running it through Flexi on the VersaCamm it still took 45 minutes. I will argue the facts with anybody that wants to stand up here and take a shot. Remember to compare Apples to Apples.

Even the print & cut options is faster than the VersaCamm and for that matter the ProIII, with the Mutoh VJ and a Graphtec FC 7000.

I love watching you guys try to knock Mutoh around...I quit replying sometime ago, just because some of you thought you knew what you were talking about and you really have no clue. Get your Facts and then Talk, anything other than facts has no merit in this conversation.

Have a Blessed Day


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here's a sample printed at 720 by 720, banner 4. This is a tabletop for a customer, designed by yours truely :p

it took a total of 8 minutes from the time it was done ripping to warm up and print this out. so it's fast.

50 inches by 43"


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I've had mine a up and running for a day now and OMG is this thing fast! I have not timed id but it is about 4x faster than my Falcon and I don't have the VJ on the fastest speed.


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I have the 64" VJ1604 coming in a few days and would be glad to kick the tires with one of the "test files" if Jerry at SW wants to send it to me...

Anyone know where there is some 64" media, or a sale on a LAM/Cutter? I only have a CE5000... I'll have to print my decals in 24" wide strips!