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Problem loading eps files

Precision Eng

New Member
Not sure what's going on here, but I have been creating files in Corel X3
for quite some time, saving them as .eps and then loading them into Flexi Pro
with no problem. All of a sudden, the files will no longer load. The file appears
to load but I just end up with a blank screen, nothing.

Re-installed Flexi which did not correct the problem.

Got me stumped.



New Member
Try importing one of older files that you know are ok to determine whether it is the problem of Corel or Flexi. Or email me the EPS and I can try to import it into my flexi


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
It depends on content. There are some things that Flexi seems unable to handle. Simple vector stuff comes over straight away, usually. Various combinations of complex fills, transparencies, drop shadows, and bound special effects tend to upset it.

Precision Eng

New Member
I did a compete uninstall of Flexi with a utility I have instead of using the windows uninstaller, re-installed Flexi and its working again, why I don't know.

Before all this happened Flexi would load/import any .eps file whether it was created with corel, adobe, signlab, etc with no problem. Then it quit accepting corel .eps files this morning. Now its back and running. Beyond me!

I could maybe understand a problem if I had changed something in the system, but it has been the same for months.


Precision Eng

New Member
I figured it out... Its SUNDAY!

Note suppose tobe working on these things today...

One of the benifits of being self-employed...

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It may have to do with a common file to both Corel and Flexi which may be slightly different. If Corel overwrote the Flexi version it may have caused the problem and now Flexi has overwritten the Corel version.

My experience with problem imports is that there is usually something in the original file that the importing program can't deal with. In Illustrator it is often a special effect that has not been expanded. Corel may have similar things going on.

If you would like a real head scratcher, try opening or importing an EPS file exported out of Flexi with Flexi or out of Corel with Corel. In most cases it will tell you that it isn't an Illustrator file. In other words, each application has problems dealing with its own creations.