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Problem with Corel Photo-Paint


New Member
Not sure what's going on, but can't seem to get the Paint Tool to work. I don't use this all that much except for cropping and a little image enhancement. But now for some reason, the Paint Tool has no effect. All the other tools seem to work (i.e eraser, text, shapes, etc.), but no brush strokes appear. I've messed around with any setings I can find on it, but nothing helps. Any ideas?


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Try to run the install program. I'm pretty sure that Corel has a repair funciton that could fix it for you.

Make sure to export your workspace if you have modified it.


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Hi Chris
Happens to me too, Win 2000 pro, Corel 9.
Run your Corel update, modify just keep clicking next don't change any settings. It works for me. Good luck.


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I don't have a clue as to what the problem/solution could be, but I am curious as to whether you figured out what was wrong and how or if you fixed it.



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I'm interested in knowing what your settings are when you can't get the paint tool to work. What Brush are you using? What brush type? Which nib shape? Nib size? Paint mode? And finally, are you using a custom pallette that contains a transparent color selection?

Also, which version are you using? The update or the full version of CD12? Have you installed SP1 yet? Have you installed the EPS fix yet?