Problem with FalconII print Head Please read...


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I have just bought a 50 inch that was supposedly gone through by a Mutoh tech and everything seems ok with machine except when I went to do an ink fill (it was shipped drained) I found one of the heads unpluged with the cable ends taped up. So just to check the head, I took it out and ran cleaning fluid through it, when I did that fluid came out of the 2 pipes on top (when I put hose with syringe on one side and pushed fluid through it came out of the other side that was open and the only way I could stop it I had to plug it off, when I did that it sprayed out of the nozles on the bottom very good and easy so it does not seem to be cloged and I reversed the process and that side worked also) What I am asking is this is this normal or is head done for? If it is normal how do you keep the 2 different colors from mixing? I am going to run it with 4 colors X 2. I have the service manual and cannot find anything about this and the manual says to do this the colors are arranged in this order: BYCM MCYB If you can help please tell me what you know.

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I just found this picture looking for some other stuff and this is of a falconII and it is running like I want mine but the manual does not show it this way. Can you set these up this way? If you can Please tell me how.


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My guess would be you need to change it from CMYKLcLm to just CMYK, them settings will be on your printer setting on the main panel.

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First of all, you should never hook a syringe onto the manifolds (pipes on the top of head) and push fluid through. This will ruin the head. Is the head printing now?

Running the machine in the 2x4 setup is the preferred method. The machine will print better and faster.

PM me if you have any questions about that head. I think the head is going to be bad and in need of replacement. But lets get to the bottom of the issue.