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problem with pdf

mark in tx

New Member
I recieved a pdf from a client for a billboard design, it is provided to them by corporate in generic form, I need to add the customer specific info, address, phone, etc...
When I open the pdf in Illy, I can see all the layers, the layers have the crop, bleed, color strips, etc.. but the main design of the billboard, which I need to add the info is on one layer with an Indesign extension, I tried deleting all layers except that Indesign layer and then saved as its own file, saved with all the other layers turned off, etc...
When I try to take it into Indesign, it does not recognize the file, even if I saved it as an ai file.
Basically I've tried every thing I could think of.
I've tried opening and modifying the file in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. No Luck.
I even contacted the corporate office and they are basically unwilling to assist, I've gotten the file directly from them in case something was corrupted, but I have the same problem.
Any suggestions?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I haven't encountered an InDesign file in a PDF before except those where the entire InDesign file was used to generate the PDF. But if it's on it's own layer what happens if you give it an .IDD extension instead of .AI?


New Member
Its possible the pdf was originally an InDesign document in which .eps files were imported and then the whole thing was exported/distilled to its current .pdf state. This would be standard the standard practice for an agency. If you have further trouble PM me and Ill see if I can help you.


New Member
Sounds like that layer that's giving you trouble is not a vector. And if it has been converted to EPS as well in the native file (as Mason suggests) .....try rasterizing that one layer before you save it. Then open it however you want.