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problem with plotter

My name is Charlotte Johnson. My husband & I are new to the sign business. We have been engraving for many years. My question is that we have a Roland Camm-1 plotter & around the weed we are getting dashes instead of straight lines. Any suggestions? Thanks hope someone can help


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Sorry not to have information for you as I use different equipment, but welcome to Signs 101. Someone will surely have an answer for you.

Bill Preston

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Not being familiar with your plotter, this is just a guess. It sounds as though your software is set to do a pounce pattern, rather than just cutting. If you are getting dashes all the way around each letter or piece of clipart, and if the blade is "chattering" up and down all the way through what is supposed to be a cut, then I would bet it is set to "pounce."

Can't tell you how to change the setting on your machine---maybe someone else will come in on this.

Hope this helps.

bill preston


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I have a 24" Camm1. I think your problem is a "skipping" motion on straight lines due to poor friction/traction (i hope im explaining myself correctly). Thing you could do to eliminate this. Make sure you have a correct depth setting (Always perform a test cut to check your depth. This option is on the plotter itself).

Check your blade (It might need replacing). Check the teflon strip where the blade cuts over (if it is worn it might need replacing). Finally ... If all else fails ... reduce the cutting speed (depending on your software ... you might have this option. Flexi has it).

Hope this helps.