Problems importing from Corel X4 to Flexi 7.6 HELP!

I just bought Corel Draw X4 and made a bevel effect on an .eps file that a gentleman emailed me. I cannot get it to import into flexi 7.6 without either losing the bevel or getting an error message! When i do get it to import it looks like a jpeg file and is really poor quality. I really want to put this effect on this Logo for the customer b/c i think it will just "wow" him! Someone please help! THANK YOU! :banghead:


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Corel's bevel effect is really a transparent bitmap. Exporting to Flexi can be problematic, especially if you're trying to use an EPS file. Try exporting to a CMX file or publishing to a PDF. If the CMX works that's your best bet. If not try the PDF although when you import a PDF into Flexi, you get all kinds of weird masks.

No matter how you do it, if you can do it, Corel has it's own problems with transparent bit maps. It's usually far easier to create the bevel in Flexi using Alien Skin Eye Candy or something similar. Even that is not particularly straightforward but it's still simpler than trying to get it out of Corel and into Flexi.


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What is the alien skin eye candy? Is that a custom fill?

It's a set of filters that you can buy. Well worth the money.

There are three packages that make up Eye Candy. Most people buy all three but the Impact package which does bevels and chrome, among other things, by far sees the most use. The others not so much.
Do i need to own photoshop or is there a way to just put these in flexi? I know they have a filters tab in flexi. i remember seeing it!

By the way THANK YOU BOB!!!!!!!


Easiest way in my opinion without having to buy eye candy (which I believe makes you change the vector to a bitmap anyways when using it in flexi), is export it out of corel as two files - a high res jpeg for the bevel with an eps for the cutline. Imports in no problem, do it all the time.