Problems with Epson Stylus Pro 4000

Dani Plotter

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Hi all

I had to change the print head in one of this printer models. After do that and start it, an error appears in the control panel:

Service Req 00010004. I could read in the error list, this one is related with the encoder motor. I checked all the encoder system and seems everything is ok and never touch it to change the print head!

Anyone experience this error?

P.D. The printer is out of warranty


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Service Req 00010004 = CR motor check error , i added the exsplanation from the service manual

but normaly this is one of the easyest problems to repair , u have to check the scale (plastic guide with stripes) for ink or dirt , cleaning this will mostly fix the printer , if not feel free to ask (if its not cleanable u have to replace it with a new one)


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