Process Orange on Falcon Outdoor JR.


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I have a project that has to come reasonably close to hitting Pantone Process Orange on my printer, problem is I can't seem to get in the ballpark. There are 7 spot colors on this artwork i've hit 6 but simply can't get this orange right.. anyone had to do this type of vivid color before with any success? any suggestions?/

This is a bitmap image that i've worked on in photoshop to hit the bridge equivalents of pantone spot color chip matches, RIP is Flexi Pro if that helps. Printing on Oracal 3651 Matte vinyl, using the Mutoh matte ICC due to the fact that there is no Oracal Matte profile for my printer.

Thanks much!


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bright orange is going to be tough to get.. especially in a bitmap form. if it was a vector in cmyk you could get the best orange it will do.
we had a printer with cmyk plus orange and green just for that kind of thing.