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ProCut PC-700

Sam Lockwood

New Member
So, a bit of background: I'm running Flexi 12 on Windows 7, and about a month ago my venerable JSI-24 gave up the ghost (something died in the power supply or motherboard, it simply won't turn on any more). I was running that plotter with a Keyspan USB to Serial adapter.

I had a ProCut PC-700 I got at some point in the past as a backup, but I don't have any of the software discs and I haven't managed to find a driver for it. It wouldn't work with the Serial Adapter, so after looking around on some online forums I hooked it up with a USB cable & told Production Manager it was a Roland PNC-1100. It showed up on "Devices & Printers" as "Other USB Device" and worked with no problems for several weeks. Now this week Windows has decided to shut it off. I get an "Error Code 43" and I looked around and the plotter closely resembles the first generation MH-721 plotters US Cutter sells but trying out their drivers doesn't seem to help either.

I managed to finish the job I needed with another machine (my ancient Color Camm Pro). But it bothers me I've got this other practically new plotter & it's currently a paperweight.

Does anyone have any thoughts on if there's any way to get the PC-700 running again? It seems like the direct USB seems to be a dead end.