Production manager changing the scale of my designs...need help!!!

This is my first post in here so hopefully I can get some help.

I have been using the Flexi programs for several years now and own multiple copies. I have always been happy with them and can honestly say I have yet to have a single problem for what I use them for....until recently.

I do alot of custom decal replications for race and show cars and need everything to be exact. For some reason when I finish the design and go to cut it it appears in the production manager slightly larger. For example...I make a 4"x8" square. When I go to cut it it is 4.200"x8.200". The scale set at 100% still gives me an inacurate size.

It just started doing this out of the clear blue...

I cant figure out why it is doing this all the sudden and have spent hours messing with it. I already went as far as removing and reinstalling the not sure how to fix it and cant find any info on the web after searching for hours. I even watched all the training cd's in hopes there might be something on there.

Im using it with an ioline is1100 plotter if that matters

Im assuming its something really simple and stupid that Im just overlooking...any help would be greatly appreciated



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Is it output cutting to the larger size, or you just see that PM is reporting a size larger?
The size you see there includes the weed border.
When you set the weed border under the "Advanced" tab it also affects the panel size.
Even if you turn the weed border off the panel size will not reset down to the actual cut size - you have to go to the "Panel" tab and zero out the padding under the "panel size" section in order to see the real output size.

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guam usa

This doesn't sound very clear as I read it back but it is morning and the coffee is not ready yet.
problem solved!!!

That was it... so simple and it makes me seem so stupid...Ive been using this program for years and I got stumped by

after talking to my appears she was trying to make a decal the other night and was playing with it which explains why the border was set.. Im glad it was that easy...waiting to here back from scanvecs tech support could take days,

Thanks for the quick responces guys..I really appreciate it.:thumb:

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Please don't feel bad fabulous graphics dude.....we all have found that it's usually the simple things that get us. The big stuff is easy sometimes. :wink: