Production Manager Crashing when opening job properties


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When I right click a file in PM, and click on job properties, the software crashes.

I am using flexi cloud version 11 sp3 build 2020.

Has anyone had a similar issue?


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now it is working

I don't know what i did...(possibly changed the size of the pm window)

But i am able to open job properties again.


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flexi cloud and production manager problems

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]i issues as well. i am using cloud and everything was working fine all [/FONT]
day and then i had to shut down my computer when i came back and started
it Flexi cloud opens and i cannot open files from the open file menu but i can
open from the list of recently opened. when opening one of them i cannot
get production manager to respond when hitting rip and print and when i try
to start pm from programs i get an error that is titled "app2.exe - bad
image" GRRRR! windows 7 is what i am using as well - any thoughts?

actually now i can tell that nothing is functioning from the menu...

i also get a timeout notice on pm