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production manager help


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i have had the program for a little wile but i am now just starting to use it.i like and want to learn more but rte now i suk w/it. i am going to cut a file and p/m puts it under "status :holding".i went sign warehouse for tech support and they said try the cut/plot screen and it should say send now but mine dsnt it says save to file and hold in list .i emailed and told them this still waiting on reply so i am hoping you guys can help
thanks again

Bobby H

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First thing to do is check your COM port settings. The software may be trying to plot to a different COM port than the one connected to your plotter.

I doubt if you'll need to go in and change any values on the ports (but it is a possibility). Normally I only have to jack around with COM port values when it comes to feeding data to electronic message centers.


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Do you have a plotter or printer "Setup"?
Within the PM you should see the name of your plotter on the left side.
If there is nothing there you need to click the "Setup" drop down menu and select the first option to "Add Setup".
You should get a pop up list of plotter drivers - find yours and follow through the set up screens.
When you hit the cut/plot option in the main software you should see the new cutter's name at the top of the screen along with all the options available for that plotter.
If you have more than one cutting "setup" you may have to check the drop down list to select the one you want to send the file to.
You should be able to send it now.
For more details check the online pdf file that should have been installed with the program - look under "Cutting your Design" (chapter 18 in the flexi pro 7.6 help pdf).

good luck

wayne k
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