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Production Person Wanted - Western Connecticut


New Member
Job Summary:

Blue Hammer specializes in large format printing and displays for installation in corporate environments.

Operation of large format inkjet printers, laminators and finishing equipment. To produce jobs and projects in a professional manner and help in the install of projects off-site at customer locations. Keep a well-organized shop.

Responsibilities and Duties

Main Duties:

  • To perform all necessary duties associated with the operation and general maintenance of high-quality large format printing activities in the digital studio. This will include retouching and editing of files. creating and installing displays off-site.
  • To provide support to clients regarding files and jobs.
  • To undertake preparation of files and printing of large format digital prints as requested.
  • To maintain records for all jobs/services and liaising with the other team members, as appropriate, to ensure that work is documented and invoices are issued promptly.
  • To maintain a secure filing of software, database storage, and related documentation and manuals.
  • To take responsibility for the storage of prints and other works in production, purchasing materials for use in the computer facility, monitoring and maintaining records of usage, monitoring and reordering stock, and working within agreed budgets.
  • To maintain the digital studio equipment and facilities in a clean condition and in good working order, liaising with IT support services to ensure the facility runs smoothly.
  • To take responsibility for health and safety throughout the computer facility
  • To help in the installing of graphics and signage at customer locations.
Qualifications and Skills


Excellent knowledge of Photoshop & Illustrator. Understanding of large format printing workflow and color management. Ability to relate to a variety of service users who have different levels of skill and competency. Ability to keep records and prepare simple budgets and estimates related to digital output services. Ability to implement and maintain strong systems for filing and physical stock control. Ability to work to agreed budgets. Ability to organize and coordinate the smooth running of a computer facility.


Paid vacation and some holidays.

Pay part of medical insurance.

Profit sharing.

Job Type: Part-time or Full-time