Profile for Duratex 8mil Polypropelene Film?


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Wondering if anyone is using Grimco's Duratex 8mil double-sided display film? We're using an HP Latex 365 printer, and I'm curious if anyone has a profile they'd be willing to share Grimco doesn't have any mention of what profile to use, HP's media locator doesn't pull up Duratex, I've tried the generic profile on the printer, as well as the profile for DAF Polypropylene Blockout Film (both 8mil pp films).....color looks good but it's only loaded 16pass into the printer, and I don't have that kind of time to wait for the types of prints we'll be running on the material hahah.. figured I'd throw it out there to see if/what others were doing... will probably just try to clone or modify this DAF profile and call it a day...

anyway, cheers, happy monday.


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Can you do a manual modification of the profile....dupe it and open up other pass counts? We do that all the time with our 1500s. Add higher or lower pass counts.....


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I would probably just look for any other similar profile that has the speed that you are looking for. Not sure about the material you have but you probably can't profile it anyways so better of with a ready profile with some ICC.