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Profilelab 7.1


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I would be very interested to hear of anyone out there who is running Profilelab 7.1. I upgraded about a month ago from Signlab 5, and apart from the very poor service I received from the distributor, the list of bugs I have reported to date seems endless. I would reckon it has cost me at least 3 times what I paid for the upgrade in lost time due to bugs and issues.

After taking 1.5 hours to type in the word 'PUSH' yesterday, I sent a rather terse email to the distributor requesting the name of the person to contact to discuss compensation. Naturally, this request was simply ignored. My reference to this being a 'beta' version didn't go down too well either! A comment from one of the salesman last week that my computer must be stuffed because no-one else is having the trouble I am having didn't help.

If anyone else out there is running Profilelab, could you let me know whether you are having any problems (or not!). It is very frustrating when one pays for an upgrade, have heaps of problems and basically get told they are the only one with these issues.

Fred Weiss

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I don't use any of the SignLab products but I can tell you from numerous encounters with their management that they are conscientious people who will make every effort to be of help. Have you made any report of your difficulties to their support and programming staff in Canada? I would suspect that whatever may be the issues, they may well be beyond your local distributor's ability or will to offer good assistance.

The SignLab folks do monitor this forum in an effort to be of assistance as well.


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To date I have sent 41 emails to my local re-seller and the national distributor of the software (since 6/7/05). I have been using Signlab since 1995 when we used to struggle with windows 3.11, so I don't think I could be classified as a novice!

A couple of the issues I have raised apparently are known problems, and a couple are new bugs that the national distributor thought worthy to send to Cadlink. I have been told there will be a new release coming out shortly that may fix some of the problems I am experiencing.

As far as contacting Cadlink, one of the issues I had was the manual that came with the upgrade didn't cover a certain point. I went onto the Profilelab website, clicked on
their training and support, and this window came up:


I then went to the cadlink main site, attempted to email them to let them know of the dead link,
typed a heap of stuff into their email web page, and when I tried to send the email to them it didn't work either! It came up with script errors, and the email bounced back to me as undeliverable.

If there are any Signlab people monitoring this thread, I would be more than happy to deal directly with them.

Overall, a very frustrating experience!


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My name is Tim Benner and I work for CADlink. Please accept my apologies for the problems that you have been having. I am not aware of the specific issues but would like to help. Please feel free to contact me at timb@cadlink.com and I would be happy to follow up on these issues.

Tim Benner