Prom Tickets?


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Hello all, I recently had a client call and inquire about making prom tickets for the students at a local school. I have never had an inquiry for tickets before. I asked if they needed a barcode but she said just numbers would do and she needs about 150 of them. Any idea on how to make these and what i should charge for something like this? Thank you.

Craig Sjoquist

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Since you have a printer, you already know your costs ink and equipment, you should also know what it costs each day to open the doors, plus the quality stock of paper needed costs, you probably know about how much time it will take to design, print, cut, pack, invoice. ... Charge your hourly rate add 10% for inflation .. you might see a profit
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Excuse for being vague ... but direct answers for pricing best in premium section and better more direct helpful answers in other areas also...