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Pro's & Con's of the Arizona 180...

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Can some of you please gave me some of the pro's and con's of the Arizona 180. I see a lot of them for sale, is that because they are that out dated? Thanks, Scott :smile:


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I have been looking into the Arizona's for a couple of months now. What I have learned is, the max resolution is 390 true dpi, the newer true solvents are now getting closer to 700. Their is six color, three piezo heads per color for a total of 18 heads, and the cost around $900.00 each to replace. The heads need to be cleaned every evening, and re-primed every morning, or the heads will get clogged. At $900.00 per head, 18 heads, thats over $16,000.00.


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i've been running a arizona 90 for about 2 years now..

the maintence is quite high.. but for at least 12 to 16 months the printer worked great.. I at 1st underestimated the amount of maintence that was required, this cost us abit. but we had a service contract.. so the loss was low

Here are some of my points, good or bad. they are just what I've noticed

-I got in the habbit of cleaning the heads after EVERY large print..
you have to costantly watch the material so that is doesn't hit the heads.. hitting the heads means $$

-If one color isn't being used much it tends to dry up..this can be cured by printing a 1-2" black strip beside every file. making sure all the colors are being used...

-you need reverse wound material on a notched core.. these are noramlly more $$

-The machine use alot of material. 1st off you need 3-4' just to feed the material into the machine.. I'f the printer has been sitting you could use 8-10' just to "warm it up" to make sure the print heads are firing correctly.

-ecently we bought a Mimaki 175SP.. nowat first I was very secptical about this printer.. but it's proven it's self in my eyes and has 1/10th the maintence the Arizona required, and prints at 3 times the resolution . It's proven it's in my eyes, it's been printing 8-9hrs a day for 2 weeks non stop.. Yes I think an Arizona could do that BUT.. not without constant supervision..

-one other thing the Arizona inks seem to be a more agressive solvent.. they smell alot more.. more of a filtration system is need, but also they are more agressive and seem to be very durable compared to the Mimaki.

-Bottom line.. they'll work.. just know what your getting into


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just an added note..

Head strikes are what kills the Arizona.. that probably 90% of the reasons for head failure and for the need to replace the heads..

I've run the printer on 16 heads,, thats with 2 heads not working and it's hard to tell..

also this is running the printer at 154 DPI on screen mode.,, we use our Arizona for large outdoor signs and busses, or anything that you see from 10' away.. if your planning or small POP signs or things of that nature.. continue your search!

hope that helps