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Pulling ink from below cap tops question

Jim Hill

New Member
I notice when I try to pull ink from the hoses under each cap top with my syringe slowly there seems to be a back pressure and not much ink is coming out into the syringe. I can feel this pressure almost like a vacuum type of pressure.

What would cause this to happen? I have the heads lowered onto the cap tops when I am doing this.



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That's what you should feel. When you pull the syringe, it creates a vacuum and the ink has to fill that vacuum. The nozzles on the head are so small that it takes a while for it to catch up. If you just pull the syringe and hold it there, eventually the ink will fill the vacuum and you won't feel the back pressure anymore. Now there are cases where ink flows but it's flowing so slowly that the head is probably clogged. That really isn't something I can describe and is more of a feeling but normally on a head that is completely free of clogs, I can fill a 10mL syringe in about 3 - 5 seconds seconds.

Jim Hill

New Member

I believe what I am feeling is a clogged head. It is printing some but there is a lot of drop out so I am soaking the heads for 24 hours to try and free it up.
The magenta and yellow side is starting to look better with each test print so I am hopeful I can free the head up.

Thanks for your great help. Jim