Pump for SC 545ex


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can i use MIMAKI pump for Roland soljet pro ii v 545 ex? do they have desame pump? cos i heard mimaki pump is more durable on eco solvent ink. and it doesn't clogged down.

please help before i buy a new pumps for our printer
Best to use Roland's "new style" 3 pump system (with kit). These are very durable and lasting a very long time compared to the older style. Well worth the change over.


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Mimkai pump for Roland printer

Please check the Mimaki pump picture in attachment.
As you know, Mimaki pump is durable. But please ensure that the iron sheet marked in the picture is not impact the pump installation to your Roland printer.



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I once installed a Mimaki pump on a Roland 300 that I had. Then (4 years ago) I thought that I had installed it wrong because it was so so loud. Maybe now they have controlled the noise but if they did not I could not imagine having 3 squirrels eats nuts in the same printer.