Qe60+ Serial Port


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We've had our Qe60+ for a couple of years now, and the other day a small black piece from inside the usb port broke off. So we bought a serial to usb cable so we could continue to run our machine. But... no matter what port I set it up under, it's not doing anything (and I have reinstalled the driver, and changed the ports in the printer options). Any help will be very much appreciated. Oh yeah, we're running VE LXi 8.6v1 Master Plus


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I think you have to change the ports under printer and also in production manager. Did you do both?


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I would say it's in the cable. From past experience running a serial cable to communicate with the cutter, the serial cable needs to be a null? modem cable. We sort of had the same problem with our old lynx. I tried 5 different serial cables but only after using the modem cable the cutter responded to computer commands.