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Question about L360 Latex and Flexi


Centex Wraps and Signs
So I am making a run of 8' but the graphic will only eat up about 25" of material down the side. It will be the bottom to a sign. I am trying to remember how to go about reprinting the other section with some misc decals etc so as not to end up with a 3' x 8' scrap.

I think I used to go into flexi and in rip set media offset or something from left side then measure out a safe margin and add the other decals and do another print aligning to bottom left. Sound right? why dont i rip them all together? because all that is a HUGE file after i duplicate all the decals to fill the holes, I mean like 2.5 gigs. Ripped at full size, maybe I will pop there and see what ripping at 10% or something does and enlarge to 1000%


THanks in advance.

P.S. my rolands were so much easier there, feed material back then set the origin where i wanted then print away....


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Not sure I understand... What's wrong with nesting? Everything is still it's own file and it auto fills the space.

Why not add your file... Add all the decals, select everything and click nest? Everything will group and print together providing your using the same profile.


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The problem is, the OP wants to send 2 different images at once, but wants multiple copies of only 1.
I don't think it will work that way.

No Problem. Create multiple copies of one of the files, and nest with the one with only one copy. Or nest jobs, click the job you want to multiplicate in the preview and set the number of copies.


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I think the OP knows how to nest in Flexi itself, but maybe hasn't used the nest feature within Production manager. Create each job and send to the printer, make sure the send mode is set to "Hold in list". once you have the 3 items in the list hold "Ctrl" and select the 3 jobs, if they are the same profile, the nest feature will be available at the top of production manager. once nested, you will be able to adjust qty's of each item.
Hope this helps. :)


Centex Wraps and Signs
So, the resolution of it all was similar to what I used to do on rolands. Basically I ripped and printed my flames up the side of 54" MATERIAL for an 8' run the widest point was on each end. I went back into flexi and measured and laid a line across the screen with a little buffer room since everything is contour cut as well. Then I made a box that was 53" wide Then I stepped and repeated the decals in groups of like 100 I think it was. Then fit in the run of 100 other decals I was running and ended up with 4 groups of our decals and the other 100 fitting within the box Then I printed the flames file. Made note of where the starting point was sitting prior to printing. Then I ran it back to that point after I ran my print. Then I took the decal (our catering company) hard hat decals and ripped the first group of about 100 They are small like 2.5x1.75 or so AND TOLD the printer I wanted the print left justified. Then after the first batch I did it again. I run color bars to give me a little room in between jobs. It all worked until I ran the last batch oriented the wrong way which left a void, then I ran a small group to fill in that void and F'd up and forgot to change justification and ran color bars across one row of decals. I stopped the job, used a little mojo juice haha and wiped the latex off before it had dried on the already cured decals. OHHH and it went across my damn crop marks which required some surgery to get cleaned so plotter would recognize. Basically I cut white vinyl to cover everything around the L but the L itself then touched it up with a pen. Worked like a damn charm. Well it had 2 tiny places around the flames that lest about 1/64" maybe 1/128" of white.

Why did I do this? Because those little decals are a big file and the rip was way too big with them all together, over a Gig. So, that is the most bestest and quickest way I could think of. Yes i said bestest haha

I hope this helps someone