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Question about optimizing lines in Illustrator

In Vinyl Express there is an option to optimize a line by curve... I have forever been looking for a similar command in illustrator to more easily edit a line as well as reducing point count. Also in the same fashion a straighten line command..

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you


New Member
Illustrator CS2 has the envelope tool. Now to reduce anchor points you simply go to Object, Path, Simplify Path. Start out with a setting of 93, click the preview button and adjust from there. Generally I leave it at 93.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
What TVG said except I also like to check the Show Original box to evaluate the effect of the simplification.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no path editing group of tools in Illustrator that even begin to approach the power of the Flexi tools.
Thank you very much guys. Thatll work. Yeah I had a feeling that it had no such power tools for path editing. I been using the program for what seems like forever and never ran across anything similar. Thought I might have just overlooked something all this time. Guess I just had High Hopes. The envelope tool and simplify path will do fine. It suits the current needs. Maybe in the next release there will be more power path editing tools implemented. Eh, one can dream right?