Question about the Omni CNC 1212 Router and ADA Signage

Malcolm Loo

Graphic Designer, Promotional Products

I work for a sign shop which is trying to get into ADA Signage (braille). Trying to figure out if it's possible to use the Omni CNC 1212 Router to make a braille sign. Just wondering if it can work with the Gravotac material and if there's any specialized parts that can drill and add the raster beads we can install on it.


I don't see why you couldn't drill the holes for the braille with the unit, insertion could be a problem if they don't have an attachment.


We use this super fancy aquarium pump that's been rigged for suction and a little goofy handle for hand insertion. I've seen automated inserters, but for our volume, I couldn't imagine the headache on a couple of braille signs a day.
I'm unfamiliar with omni cnc's, but I had shop sabre quote their system, and that option was about 10k extra if I remember correctly.