Question about trademarked logo's.


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I was wondering what are the rules with trademarked logos, let's say I wanted to use a certain element from a well known logo not the whole thing, would there be any legality issues? Just wanted to know.



You're probably in for a problem even partial. What "well know" logo are you referring to?

Use caution .......


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hard to say, it depends on your purpose

eg if you were taking photos for your catalog and there's a Coke(tm) machine in the far rear corner of your picture...

Should be OK if you're selling clothingwear.

Might not be so ok if you're shooting a Pepsi(tm) ad. :D


Depends if they only have the logo copy righted or all parts of it. If any thing to do with Harley no way!


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It's the Quiksilver Clothing logo, I want to use the wave element. Might just alter it enough to look slightly different. Thanks for the replies!


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I used to do some sub-sub work for them while I was living in so. Cal, They frown on it, since it's what gives them recognition from other 'surf' brands. Bottom line, I wouldn't, unless the alteration was radically different. Hell, I got a tat with a wave that 'kinda' looks like it, (just part of the work) and was 'jokingly' told about how it 'could' be construed as copyright infringement...


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I don't get it. There are constantly questions here about using copyrighted art and trademarked logos. Do you want someone to steal a design of yours? Aren't we designers and don't we have the skills, and tools to create something original on our own?

It is bad enough that we have inexperienced people coming here asking if they can use a trademarked image, but what is worse is having the experienced member telling them to go ahead.

Using a trademarked image is wrong unless you have permission form the trademark holder, whether using the whole image or part of it.


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If you look at the wave, and it makes you thing of Quicksilver, you are probably infringing.

If you dont think of quicksilver, you probably are not.


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Using a trademarked image is wrong unless you have permission form the trademark holder, whether using the whole image or part of it.

Well the Nike swoosh could actually be seen as an altered tail type thing you see baseball teams use in their team names. They get away with it even though it could somewhat represent the swoosh altered, yet is it worth going to court over and get sued for more than you could ever possibly imagine much less afford?

IMHO.. Today's society is way too picky about what is trademarked. Heck comedians trademark words. They did not have to create them, they are everyday words. Even the American Indian tribes have jumped on that bandwagon and force schools to change their name if they are called "Warriors". I never read anywhere that a warrior could ONLY be an American Indian. Anyways, my opinion is worth S*&% in a court of law, even though it makes sense to me.

With all that said, I would not do it. Create your own stuff unless you enjoy throwing tons of money to a big corporation that has loads of cash to buy the best lawyers to sue you for everything you own and will make in the future.