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Question about VE LXI abd Service Packs?


New Member
Have they or are they ever going to update it and support XP SP2?

I feel that my machine is at risk by not running this SP and it bugs me that the support of this software is not any better....

There is no real support page (unless I missed it) for this software and "Sign Warehouse" is not real helpful either...

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
SP2 has been a headache for a lot of people. My impression is that you're more at risk running it than not.

The VE LXI software is usually three to six months behind FlexiSign and is outside the control of SignWarehouse. Flexi is currently in final testing of Version 7.6 FWIW which probably addresses SP2 issues.


New Member
if you are so worryed about the machine your using to cut with...DONT GO ON THE INTERNET WITH IT!!! real simple, most of the SP2 stuff deals with holes in M/S XP that can allow hackers and other crap to get into your computer when you are on line. SP2 does nothing for regular operation of XP. thats the simplfied version....