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Question for Canon/Oce UV printer owners


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Canon/Oce offers a pay per SF plan as an option vs purchasing the printer. The pay per use plan over 5 years, ends up being quite a bit more than purchasing the printer and consumables, however it gives you the peace of mind that the heads are covered under this plan.

If you have a Canon Oce UV printer, did you purchase outright or do the pay per use plan?


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Pay per use plan is new to me, we just bought ours outright. I would buy and just nest away some $$ for a just in case moment, instead of giving your money away. We are on machine #2 and heads not covered isn't a big deal.

White Haus

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Is this something new they're offering? I haven't heard of this either.

We bought ours (318gl) 4 years ago and haven't had any read head-related issues, aside from the white head clogging up faster than the others which seems like it's par for the course.


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Honestly, it's disgusting how Canon will try anything to make money. Their printers are good enough but their business practices are the worst example of exploiting customers.

Don't fall for their new way to take your money.