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Question QUESTION for those of you who are running OMEGA 2.5

Barry Jenicek

New Member
If you are running Omega 2.5, what Operating System are you successfully running it on???

Win XP ??? Win 7??? Win 10??? WHAT????

Thanks in Advance



Graphics Designer
OMEGA 2.5 can operate with Windows® Vista®, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. OMEGA 2.5 also provides several new features described in this document, and addresses multiple user-reported issues.

Most WIndows XP software are also compatibale with Windows 10, 8.7, Try to install the program if it works then it is compatible.

Barry Jenicek

New Member
Thanks for the Info Tim.

However, I would like to hear from those who are ACTUALLY using Omega 2.5 and the OS they are using.



New Member
Barry, to be fair you are asking for a narrow category of people on an older sfotware, that may be browsing the forum. I have ( not CURRENTLY) used omega 2.5 on Windows 7. I printed, and cut. I placed the software in Windows XP mode and did not have issues.

Barry Jenicek

New Member
Hi Jburns

Thanks for your reply.

Your comment that you had used Omega 2.5 on a Win 7 machine was very interesting to me. I thought the highest Operating System Omega 2.5 could run on was XP.

Jburns said that he is not CURRENTLY running Win 7 and 2.5. SOOoooo, how about the rest of you...are you currently running 2.5 on a Win 7 machine??? If so, did you run into any problems installing or needed to "tweak" the system to get it to run??????????


Tom S

New Member
I'm running 2.5 updated to 2.61 on windows 7 32bit as the hardware wasent capable of x64.
nothing special needed at all, install and run.. thats it.



New Member
We recently upgraded to 5 but were running 2.6 on 3 seperate windows 7 machines for 5+ years with no problems. As mentioned above, we may have put them in windows XP mode when installing but I can't recall for sure. This may be more critical on the print/cut version than just a design station.