Question on HP Printers

Jim Hill

How long should stickers made with an HP Printer hold up outside if they were laminated?

I spoke with a person who owns an HP 5500 and he said he had no problem with making stickers that were laminated and used outside and that they would last at least five years.

I would like to hear from others who either use an HP or who have an opinion.

Thanks Jim

John Butto

New Member
6 months

If you live in FL and you laminate with cast (3M, Avery, Oracal) you will get 6 months outdoors if you are lucky and where to the sun it is located and what it is adhered to. It is not the color that breaks down, it is the laminate peeling away from the substrate on the edges (edge seal breaks down in FL before the laminate) because of the coating on the substrare that is put on for pigmented inks to stick does not hold up and it delaminates. Have used 100% pigmented inks and K3 in an Epson and 83UV inks in the 5500. Eco solvent or solvent are the only thing that holds up.