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Questions about Roland ColorCAMM PC-60


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I'm looking to buy a new printer/plotter, but would like to stay small in terms of equiment to match my business right now. I'm looking at a Roland ColorCAMM Pc-60 to be able to print graphics rather than the layered vinyl approach.

Any experiences (good or bad) with this printer/plotter? How realistic is 600 dpi? In terms of the ink, what is the expected life out of a printed graphic? The ink seems reasonable enough in terms of price, but I was curious about quality.

Just looking for some imput before I spend any money. Thanks for any help......


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Do a search on here for PC-60 and you will prolly get all the info and details you can handle for today. Lotsa stuff about already.

High Octane

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Costs way, wasy too much to use...I sold one cause I just couldn't make money with it....so I switched to a Versacamm. Any little speck of dust can trash the print head....you have to clean the hell out of it...Ribbons are expensive and a pain to deal with.....One word...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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We have the updated PC-600 and it's used 90% of the time as a cutter.

To summarise

1. Mechanically it is very weak - cartridge selection is poor and fails frequently ruining the job.

2. Cartridges are expensive thus with the failure rate it makes for very expensive prints.

3. There will always be visible banding close up - just the way it lays down color

4. It's not fast as a cutter

Thus it's ideal for doing small jobs and for producing samples for clients which you can then take to someone with a proper printer/laminator and get produced at wholesale prices but you can't build a business around using one as your sole machine.