Question Questions about Summa S2 T160 take up

Dale D

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Since owning the Summa T160, we never installed the take up roller. We decided to finally install it. Can someone explain to me how to tape it to the roll after its done cut the first panel? I mean you have 4-5 ft of vinyl hanging over it, it would be hard to reach under itself to tape it up to the roller tube. UGH

The printer take up roller on our Roland makes sense on the design and can attach it to a roll with no

How were running..
Flexisign, Versaworks Roland RF-640 printer, then plotter Summa S2 T160 Opos


Yeah it's awkward. I guess using a leader on the takeup core would be the logical way to avoid waste.
We've only ever used it a couple of times but it is very nice if you're cutting a long roll.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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We used the butt ends of a material roll. Honestly, all we did was just add more tape to prevent it from separating from the core and we cut the leading edge square.