Questions about the FJ 52


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Hi all,

I have a Roland FJ 52 and I have a quick question about media types. When I print on watercolor, photo and canvas the print is beutiful. But, when i print on vynils and banner media the colors seem extremely dull. i am positive I am setting the correct paper type in the colorchoice program and I am printing on the highest resolution i can for that particular type of media. Is it the fact that I need to increase the saturation of color when I print on particular types of medias? or is there possibly something else I am doing wrong. I am assuming that the error lies with me inputting the proper information for the print and not a problem with the printer itself. I am still quit new to all this and would really appreciate ANY help any onte could give me. Even if the help is a pointer that has nothing to do with what I am asking. ANY help anyone could give me would be great.

Thanx in advance for every one that replies. :smile:


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Thank you for the reply. I am using coated media for printing.

Am I correct in thinking that you are saying that it is just the nature of the beast and in time I will learn how to compensate for the dulling? I also use Clearjet spray laminator which, in my opinion, helps bring out the color on the prints.

Again thanx for the reply :biggrin:

I appreciate any help you can offer


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The coating is quite absorbent and will soak up the inks more than photo paper. The correct profiles will deal with this by allowing more ink to go down.
The media you are using may be more absorbent than the one used for the original profile.
You could try different media.

Colorchoice has the option to increase color channels - you could increase them all equally which would effectively boost the saturation by laying down more ink across all the channels equally.

Spraying Clearjet solvent will bring out the colors but it's not the most pleasant stuff to use especially on large areas.
Cold pressure sensitive laminate will also bring out the colors and give a better finish. But the coated finish on vinyl means water can creep into the edges when laminated. Best option for outdoors is to spray clearjet around the edges to seal them, then laminate with film.