Quick favor from someone with a home fb500/700?


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[edit] HP fb500, not home.. hope no one has one of these in their home!

A phone tech told us the air holes on the belt should be equal distance to the alignment bar, ours is a good quarter inch out. We had a tech in who checked the tensions on the belt, said the belt is fine, and said it was the alignment bar that was bowing. We took it out to see if we could fabricate a new one and save $2500, but it's perfectly straight and not the problem.

I'm hoping someone can measure the distance between the hole/bar on the left side, then on the right, to see if the phone tech is right.

Easiest way is to put a 12-15" substrate against the bar, measure from substrate to hole, then do the same on the right side of the machine.

We spent hours measuring distances between everything trying to find out what's out of alignment. The only thing we can see is off is it looks like the holes aren't square to the machine at all, not sure if it's supposed to be like the first tech said or not.

Uploading a pic So it's better understandable. You can see the substrate starts right at the hole, then by the end of the 30" substrate it's covering a hole, so it's pretty out. Even measuring just the pins to the holes, it's out a quarter inch - so if it's supposed to be on there square to the machine... I'm going to presume that's the problem!


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Thanks! Interesting... Not too far off from being square. I wonder if perfect spec it's square, but then the belt moves a little over time. Ours is a quarter inch out... But when printing 3 18x30s across the whole belt, the 2nd/3rd sheet drifts by about 1/8 of an inch. Printing a 4x8 it drifts a good 1/4 to 1/2 an inch right now.

I made an "alignment" bar by putting a straight edge lengthwise down the belt, taping some Coro to the roll table and using that to align instead of pushing it against the alignment bar, and then 15+ 4x8 coros fed and printed 100% perfectly... Something it's never done before. We've always been a little crooked on large jobs like 4x8s, but figured the media just isn't square.