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Race Car Graphics


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I once seen a CD on Race Car graphics with Lay out and Design and would like to know if any knows where i might get one from. I have a Race Car to Letter in a couple of months and have never done one and was looking for something to assist me in the lay out of it.

Also Has any one used any of the color fadeing Vinyl to make flames out of and if so what color and where did you purchase it from

Jen Goodwin

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I have a CD called Race Pack from Mr. Clipart, I got it from Signwarehouse. It has a lot of checkered flags and some cool chiseled numbers. I have also used the fade vinyl to produce flames for a 4 wheeler. The vinyl was surprisingly not that bad to work with, I figured it was cheap stuff. It contoured nicely. I didn't like that I had to put the flame exactly where I wanted the fade to be, that was a bit time consuming. I wouldn't be so bad if the vinyl was just two colors and not multi like this. I wasn't thrilled with the color of the vinyl...it wasn't sold as 'rainbow' and I was bummed when I opened up the box and took this out, but the kid loved it! I also got this vinyl from Signwarehouse.


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if you have any artist ability....all you need to do is go to BARNES & NOBLES/BOOKS A MILLION and pick up half a dozen or so racing magizines......in there you will see all the current layouts....us old brush guys sorta just "wing" this stuff most of the time........we work with what the body panels will allow.
ive done many stock cars, done a few where i had to chase the chickens off the car and watch where i step due to other animal leftovers. i still do a few and what i sell is this: 3 numbers, 3 colors, 2 sponsors, pit crew, driver name.....all for $150!!!!! all done in paint and takes about 3 hours do to. so thats maybe $10 in material and $48 bucks an hour!!! and usually cash.
and if your doin this race car for free to get your name on it......dont be stupid, i charge for mine and they ask me to put my my name on the car!!!!!

Jen Goodwin

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I should add that the CD I mentioned will NOT aid you in a layout for a racecar. But it does have a bunch of nice checkered flags in it.