RE-640 or VS-540

Well Michael, all I can tell you is what I just went with, and that’s the RE-640 + cutter. (I haven’t even taken delivery) I’ll tell you a couple of the deciding factors (not counting the input and advice from members here)

1) I had the room for the separate machines and I hope to grow into the added capacity that two separate machines will offer.

2) 10 inches – and after all, who doesn’t prefer a couple extra inches…

3) I did NOT need the metallic or the white options

4) If I’m going to have to print/laminate/cut anyways, then the fact that the printer and cutter is all in one is more of a hindrance than an asset.

I hope that helps you decide. The two packages I was looking at were a grand total of about $300 different between the two – and well, money just wasn’t the biggest factor to begin with.
Awesome Brad, I am leaning towards the RE-640 with the GX 640. Room is tight but we have space upstairs that we can put the cutter. I agree about the hinderance of printer and cutter in one. Down time when you need to print or cut machine can only do one at a time, dust and dirt going through the machine when cutting. Thank you for your response it makes it easier to know what other think and I agree 100%.. I will still be printing on 54 inch so the extra 10" won't really matter unless we have a special job to print. I think 3M only sells rolls in max 60" or at least my dealer does.

Thank you
You're welcome sir.

The RE-640 & GX-640 is the combo I went with. I think the RE is a pretty impressive machine for the price. It only came out in April, but it's built on the Epson DX5 printhead - which is shared by the Mimaki, Mutah, even the VS printers... fast, and good looking prints.

Good Luck!